La Casa dei Pesci

Dive into the Depths with LA Casa dei Pesci

Merging Art and Marine Conservation along the Tuscan Coast

We have been working with La Casa dei Pesci since the summer of 2023. La Casa dei Pesci, an inspiring Italian non-profit, is on a mission to safeguard the enchanting marine wonders of the Tuscan Maremma coastline. Since 2012, they’ve been dedicated to protecting the seabed and the precious ecosystems of posidonia meadows. Embracing this vision is vital to ensure the flourishing of marine life, allowing people to enjoy a healthy sea while preserving the potential for sustainable local fishing practices.

Their journey began by tackling illegal trawling, installing hundreds of eco-friendly concrete blocks anchored to each other by steel cables. These ingenious contraptions thwarted illegal fishing by breaking trawling nets, marking the first step in their fight for protection.

However, La Casa dei Pesci soon realised that strong actions alone weren’t enough to save our seas. They understood that real change begins with people’s awareness. So, they harnessed the transformative power of art to bring the world’s attention to the mesmerising underwater world. In 2015, collaborating with renowned artists, including the British sculptress Emily Young, they created an underwater museum with stunning sculptures, now an integral part of the sea’s beauty.

In the summer of 2023, Onceayear has joined hands with La Casa dei Pesci in a shared belief that people are at the core of ocean preservation, and art serves as a powerful catalyst for transformation. Together, we’re expanding the underwater art garden and increasing its visibility, not only to halt illegal trawling and encourage fish repopulation but also to awaken collective consciousness.

We cooperated to extend the underwater museum with 5 new sculptures, crafted by young, talented artists from Carrara’s fine arts milieu. The project was able to involve young artists and increase visibility of the underwater art garden by placing the statues closer to shore at a depth of 5 metres (16 feet). These exquisite additions are now accessible with a short swim also to non-divers. The sea fauna growing on and around the sculptures is attracting sea life to the area. This artistic wonder is open to all, free of charge, because we believe the art of the sea should be accessible to everyone.

We will continue to cooperate with La Casa dei Pesci, led by the visionary Paolo il Pescatore, to extend their work and expand their impact. We will focus not only on spreading awareness but also on the launch of new protection projects such as the expansion of protected coastline with innovative blocks and a new sanctuary to restore the octopus population heavily threatened in recent years.

Join us in this artistic and environmental adventure – together, we’ll save the sea, one sculpture at a time.

La Casa dei Pesci has drawn the spotlight of national and international media feeding the global discussion on the ocean emergency and especially on the possible solutions. Here some international publications: