We sponsor projects consistent with our view and aims to empower changemakers for an healthy ocean.

We select projects consistently with our view and aims. We are here to reverse a man made ocean crisis.

We intend to bring on reparation by redressing human action and attitude towards the seas. We aim to generate transformative ocean awareness through collective engagement.

Communities have the stamina and the structure to bring forth societal change. They are our wings. Personal engagement and motivation are our propelling force.

We believe that the greater and the more diverse the communities involved, the more successful the ocean protection. We aim to reach out across personal, societal and geographical differences. We welcome a variety of means – education, science, art, action – anywhere in the world to reach out as wide as we can dream of.

Finally, young generations and coastal communities are crucial ocean stakeholders, and we will provide them all the special care they deserve. We will help them become key players for the future of our ocean.

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Greenpeace believes that scientific research not only helps us understand the impact we are having on our planet, it also helps us find the solutions – it provides us with the evidence we need to challenge wrongdoings, and gives us the solutions we need to put them right.

Our support will enable scientific research at the labs allowing their scientists to be responsive and agile, to undertake important work through sampling, laboratory analysis, documentation, and publication of evidence for campaigns.

The Global Penguin Society (GPS) is an international organisation dedicated to the conservation of all penguin species and their associated ecosystems. Located in Argentina they operate all over the world.

It is a science-based coalition promoting conservation by working with local communities, government, land managers, and conservation scientists.

Since summer 2022 we are working with the Manta Trust. Manta Trust promotes conservation of manta and devil rays (mobulids) and their habitat through robust science and research, by raising awareness and providing education, influence and action.

With HQ in the UK, they are active around the world through affiliate projects, in over 25 countries.

The first project we sponsored in 2021 was with I AM WATER Ocean Conservation, based in South Africa.

I AM WATER believes in marine conservation through transformational ocean
experiences, and the ethos ‘you protect what you love’. Their mission is to foster physical and emotional connections to marine environments.

Since 2023, Onceayear has joined hands with Casa dei Pesci in a shared belief that people are at the core of ocean preservation, and art serves as a powerful catalyst for transformation.Together, we’re expanding the underwater art garden and increasing its visibility, not only to halt illegal trawling and encourage fish repopulation but also to awaken collective consciousness.